Güven Madencilik A.Ş. GÜVEN MADENCİLİK A.Ş., which was incorporated in 1990 to engage in the field of undertaking businesses, is the second important investment of OKKA GROUP in the construction sector.

Since 2003, it operates its own “pumice quarry” located in and around Kula, for meeting the market demands and procuring the raw materials required during the production processes of OKYAP A.Ş.
Natural And Environmental GÜVEN MADENCİLİK A.Ş. is a corporation that renders productive the idle areas provided by the nature to humans and that symbolizes abundance and richness.

It unites quality & technology in its plants that performed production at “International Standards”; a profile of a dynamic company therefore appears, which grows and becomes a brand with each passing day.
Our Quality Policy
Pumice Quarry Pumice is a method used as a solution to drought in many countries, as it can retain water for long periods and keep the soil humid.

It provides heat isolation. No root decays are encountered after rains as the porous structure of agro pumice retains the rainwater.
Pumice Quarry